China Fashionistas Get Best Deals On Gucci, Hermes Bling – Yahoo Finance

Factory Girls want to put the Southeast on fashion map | A&E Feature | Creative Loafing Atlanta

Hidden Events “In the past few months, we’ve signed deals for the first time with brands that didn’t work with us for the previous four years,” said Villet, who also introduced “hidden events” this year, restricted to VIP customers and catering to brands that didn’t want public sales to tarnish their image. Some recent rounds of discounting have been low-profile, with word of private sales conveyed to regular customers through personal mail, text messages to their mobile phones, or popular online messaging apps such as Tencent Holdings’ WeChat. Cartier, the maker of $50,000 watches, sent a WeChat message in June telling some of its customers about a “high jewelry exhibition” with “all pieces at Hong Kong prices” in North China. Customers could follow up with a salesperson for details. Luxury Outlets A spokeswoman for Hermes said April’s Hangzhou sales were held outside its own stores, similar to what it does in Paris, and the brand has organized such sales in past years in Beijing and Shanghai. A Richemont spokesman said the company doesn’t comment on specific markets, while Ferragamo and Zegna staff were on summer holiday and couldn’t respond to questions about the sales. A spokesman for LVMH, parent of handbag maker Louis Vuitton, said the company doesn’t organize discounted sales. Kering declined to comment, and Dior didn’t reply to e-mailed queries.

Shoppers or smugglers? China crackdown on ‘daigou’ boom –

A woman carries luxury shopping bags in Hong Kong. With the dirth of brands fighting for a stake in the space, and the demand for goods overpowering the supply , its interesting to see which luxury handbag brands are keeping up despite the madness. In a report done by Fashionista in conjunction with online consignment start-up TheRealReal , they identified the top selling handbag designers broken down by city. Their findings do a great job of identifying what brands are trending around the country, and while most of the report is pretty predictable there were a few surprises. Click on the next pages to see which brands reign in cities like New York, San Francisco, Miami and more! 1

Why COACH, Michael Kors, Apple, GM and New Balance are Succeeding in China – Forbes

However, Li says the business is unstable. Even though he’s on first-name terms with sales staff in stores like Hermes he can’t get special deals. “It’s Hermes so no-one can get any discount unless you are a super VIP,” he said. But an anti-corruption campaign launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping that saw Chinese sales of luxury goods slow significantly in 2013 has also hurt his business, said Li. His customers spend less than they used to as flaunting designer watches and extravagant gift giving to officials is now frowned gorden foto upon. But Chinese wallets are expected to remain the globe’s biggest source of spending on designer goods, and, according to Erwan Rambourg, the author of The Bling Dynasty: Why the Reign of Chinese Luxury Shoppers Has Only Just Begun , Chinese consumers will account for one in two purchases by 2025 and most of these will be made abroad. “Luxury goods help Chinese fit in socially and professionally,” he said.

The Best-Selling Luxury Handbag Designers In Each Major City | StyleBlazer

I provide companies with go to market, expansion, consumer engagement, and supply chain strategies and implementation in China. Key areas of concentration are consumer products, retail, luxury, healthcare and automotive. I have completed projects and campaigns for more than 200 multinational as well as small and medium sized enterprises in China. I was previously managing director of China BrightStar, a china-focused consulting firm, and VP at Beijing Gongmei, a Chinese manufacturing conglomerate. I regularly appear in the media and am a frequent speaker at conferences, universities and special events providing insight on Chinese business, politics and culture. I am currently co-authoring a book on Chinas consumers to be published by J.

In 2013 Thurnher and Weir joined forces thanks to Weir’s brother, who instigated the introduction. The women became fast friends who now call each other “wifey” and even tote around the same leather handbag. Weir was managing her family’s manufacturing and linen service company and looking to open a boutique with her husband. Meanwhile, Thurnher was consulting and styling local designer Abbey Glass ‘s line. She discovered that most of Glass’s troubles were rooted in the lack of resources available for manufacturing clothing lines in Atlanta; this was also an issue for local designer Megan Huntz .


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